Friday, October 24, 2008

Just a moment.

So, i'm sitting here on my couch.  i'm wearing my new pajama pants--the first flannel of the season.  i'm holding a mug of cold milk--for dipping the ginger snaps into.  And my cat, William, is sleeping on my feet.  As i sit here on my couch, i'm so thankful for the rain outside, and this beautiful season, and the fact that God cares to give us life to enjoy--sometimes loudly, sometimes quietly, and sometimes with a kitty sleeping on your feet. :-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok...since i'm new at this blog thing, i'm gonna start out easy. Today was something of a challenging day, and i need a pick me up, so here are some of my favorite things...

*The color green.
*Carbs in any form.
*The beach...particularly on a partially cloudy San Diego day.
*Impromptu jam sessions between passionate musicians.
*The color pink.
*My trouble maker cat, William.
*That split second that you steal eye contact with a cute stranger.
*Hand-written letters.
*Skanky songs i can do some serious working out to.
*My brother.
*Beautiful tattoos with beautiful stories.
*Billy Joel.
*Silly voicemails from far away friends.
*The notion that tomorrow can be a beautiful day.